Nai Lert Butler

Butler School

Etiquette Master Class

The British Butler Institute

Etiquette Master Class


1 day program

09.30 – 16.00



The Classroom, Park of Nai Lert




  • Being a Good Host

Responsibilities and duties for hosting different kind of occasions


  • Personal Presentation

Protocol and grooming for cleaning, grooming and maintaining every part of body with international standard including common dress code consideration


  • Body Language and Facial Expression

Effective non-verbal communication, gesture and appropriate expression


  • Making an introduction

Essentials social skills in performing introductions; procedures faux pax and responses


  • How to Make a Good Conversation

Interpersonal skill in small talk, idea expression, effective response and tactics


  • Table Manners

Utensils and cutlery usage, practicalities and what to do at the table, including ethnic food and beverage protocol


  • Event Planning:

Sending Out Invitation

Seating Plan 

Entertaining Guide

Arrival and Departure Procedure

Decoration Idea for Parties


  • Card for Special Occasions

Invitation card

Thank you card


  • Public Manners

Considerations and protocol in different places and occasions; pedestrians, elevator, stairs, mobiles and public transportation


Training Tool:

  1. Group discussion

The attendants are encouraged to discuss related topics as a group, to exchange ideas and experiences.


  1. Role-play

Each module requires the attendants to practice and experiment in virtual situations in the training area, comment and suggest with trainer and other attendants


Course Scheduled 

September 19, 2020

December 19, 2020